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About The Very Good Adventuring Team

What We Do

The Very Good Adventuring Team is a weekly long form fantasy story told through actual play of role playing games. It is set in the custom world of Maloto. This is an actual play podcast, meaning that we are actually playing a role playing game and what you're hearing is unscripted game time. It is not "actual play" in the sense where you hear every word - we edit out all the extra stuff to make it a little more listenable.

Who We Are

We're four people who play tabletop role playing games. We're recording those games so the world can enjoy it too. Hopefully.

Honestly, not much else about us is important. Just enjoy the show!


Our first campaign (episodes starting with "C01") uses the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (5e) ruleset - used courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.
Guided by Exut, a goddess of death, our heroes navigate a series of adventures on their way to restore balance to the world and figure out this whole Chad thing.
115 episodes of D&D, fart jokes, and tangents.

  • Jerry plays Melvin Hardmeat (High Elf Wizard)
  • Sam plays Kolvikk Darkseed (Half Orc Cleric)
  • Josh plays Roscoe Tosscobble (Half Elf Rogue)
  • Nick plays DM Nick

Our second campaign (episodes starting with "C02") continues using the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (5e) ruleset. Thanks again Wizards of the Coast!
Centered on the town of Terragard, this campaign has a stronger focus on world building and player freedom.

  • Jerry plays Npeter McMoist (Drow Bard)
  • Sam plays Feortan Furkintrees (Dwarf Druid)
  • Josh plays Jeff Cockthunder (Goliath Barbarian)
  • Nick plays DM Nick

Where Else to Find Us

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