The Very Good Adventuring Team



A big part of the VGAT mission is to expand the universe and make it as neat as possible for everyone. A major part of that is getting artwork related to the podcast commissioned to add a visual depth we can't do with just audio. We scour the Internet for independant artists who make awesome things so we can support them. Anything we make from your donations typically goes straight to getting more artwork commissioned. Enjoy!

Christopher Spence

Christopher Spence drew our three heroes from Campaign One, and I snuggled them all together in this little image.

Luka, AKA Wizard Thief Fighter

Luka - who is also on Twitter drew this one of the Savage War Clowns of the North for us.


Megaten created this image of EXPECTO STEVE!!!!!

Shafer Brown

Shafer Brown drew this portrait of Chad the Lich for us.

Minerva Fox

Minerva Fox drew Exut and Grace for us!


We didn't commission this, it was submitted by one of the most amazing people in the world. CATSCATSCATS! Enjoy the crabacado!

Kira L. Nguyen

Kira L. Nguyen created these super amazing portraits of our Campaign Two characters.


HodagRPG created this fantastic old school scene depicting the infamous hodag battle!