The Very Good Adventuring Team



Friends, I have some terrible news for you. The Very Good Adventuring Team has recorded for the last time. Episode 64 of the second campaign released on March 7th, 2021 is going to be our last release.

First off, I want to assure everyone that this wasn't some big dramatic thing. Everyone is OK, we weren't fighting, and we're all still friends. In fact, we're still going to keep playing in this campaign. We love each other and we love playing, but it's time to wrap up the part where we podcast it.

Second, I want to thank each and every one of you. Thanks to all of you, past and present, who supported us through Patreon or Kofi. Thanks to all of you who told your friends or enemies about us. Thanks to all of you who left us ratings and reviews on iTunes or whatever platform you might have used. Thanks to all of you who sent us messages or interacted with us or reached out in any way. And thanks to all of you for listening. You got a bunch of nobodies from nowhere over a hundred thousand downloads. As I've said a bunch of times - I know it isn't the thousands or millions some shows get every week, but it was a lot more than we expected to ever see. So again, thank you. All of you.

You probably want to know why we're closing up shop. To be honest, it doesn't matter.

From conception to close, this has been about a four year process. We've learned a lot. We've created a lot. We've had a lot of fun. And now it's time to close out this chapter and move on. I'm proud of Sam for creating many many hours of original and beautiful music for this show. I'm proud of us for a nearly perfect release track record over 179 episodes. I'm very happy that we've been able to keep a solid D&D campaign running this long and this regular, and I'm happy we've been able to share that with you. I hope you've learned some things, laughed with and at us, and in general just had a good time.

Finally, I do genuinely want to apologize for not putting together some awesome and beautiful and satisfying ending for all of you. I think this last episode is a reasonably appropriate way to wrap things up, but I do recognize that it won't be as nice as six seasons and a movie or whatever. But we talked it over and we all realized that the best thing to do was just close the book and hope you can forgive us.

The podcast will stay live for a while, probably until the downloads dry up. We'll check in on the social media stuff for a little while too in case you want to curse at us or anything.

As the last last thing, I wanted to send out a specific thank you to a few of our friends. Myatt for always being there. Emily and Bryant for waking up with us every Sunday. Eloise for sharing her art with us. Justin for his beautiful voice in our outro. Jeremy for his bagpipes. Our friends from Chaotic Goodness as well as Advanced Sagebrush and Shootouts podcasts for all of their support, advice, and general awesomeness. To our patrons in order of appearance:

  • Zach
  • John
  • Victor
  • Aaron
  • Brian
  • Chad
  • Kathi
  • John
  • Jody
  • Mr. Seistrup
  • Eloise
  • GergMurkey
  • Bay Area Beer Socials
  • Monty
  • Amber
  • DM Rob
  • Justin
  • Zecelery
  • Jimothy K. Meeplebeeps Jr
  • Devin
  • Glen
  • Bryant
  • Rowdy
  • SonOfSofaman
  • Justin
  • Christopher
  • Tristan

You all have our thanks for coming along with us on this delightfully stupid adventure. We hope you enjoyed it.